While we've been waiting for someone to release an automated smart connected version of every product imaginable, one company may have just created a simple solution to a good chunk of them.

Naran is a company based out of South Korea, and they are launching an Indiegogo campaign on November 9th for their innovative wireless robotic finger called the Microbot Push. It will be a chance for early bird discounted preorders before the product is shown at CES in January.

The Microbot Push allows you to flip any switch or push any button from the convenience of your phone. They work together with the Prota, the brain that connects each Push with your smartphone and allows you to create "stories" that function as automated solutions for switches and buttons. You can program simple functions, such as "If I get home, Push turns on the living room lights." Now when you get home late at night, and your smartphone is picked up nearby, the Prota tells the Microbot Push to activate its push mechanism that will flip a switch, or push a button on whatever devices you want to controlled. It's pretty ingenious, and could work with countless of other products to create a truly automated home.

Microbot Push on light switches

Along with the Push, Naran plans to release other Microbots such as the Twist, and home automation devices including a wireless camera and fingerprint scanner. The Microbot Push will be available in March 2016. No details on the price of the Prota or what each Microbot Push will cost.

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