Open sesame!

Having a smarthome is one thing, but how do you make your garage slick enough that Tony Stark wouldn't mind parking his lambo, or maybe a few Mark suits, in there? Meet Garageio, the connected garage door opener!

Easy add on

Garageio is a tiny, little ,black box that attaches to your existing garage door opener and allows you to open and close your garage with your connected devices. Sure, you have a garage door opener, but with this if you're away from home you can open and close your garage door for anyone who needs to check on your house. Through the Garageio App, you can even assign temporary or permanent access to your garage for anyone you trust, then revoke it at any time!

If you're unloading the car and walking to the house with armfuls of groceries you can ask your watch to grab the door for you because Garageio's app is compatible with Apple Watch!



Garageio is the smart attachment that can be installed on your existing garage door allowing you to monitor and control it from your phone!

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Easy as 1-2-3

Garageio comes in one, two, and three door models (so make sure you pick up the correct one for your garage). The best part is Garageio will work with your current garage door, no upgrades or new devices needed! Just a simple install and the power to open and close your door from anywhere is locked into your phone!