A hot meal, anywhere!

You ever stand in a parking lot and wonder if the ground his hot enough to fry an egg? Well no one wants to eat an egg off a dirty parking lot, but someone realized people might want to eat food that's heated by the sun! Meet the fuel-free cooking machine: the GoSun Sport!

No fuel? No problem!

The GoSun Sport reflects the sun's energy (even on an overcast day) to help you bake, roast, and sauté your food using nothing but the sun's rays! In fact, you can cook a meal in as little as twenty minutes thanks to the GoSun Sport's ingenious design. Fold out the reflective fins to catch as much light as possible and watch as this portable stove converts 80 per cent of the sun's energy into heat. This heat transfers to the GoSun's vacuum tube, reaching cooking temperatures of 550 degrees Fahrenheit! And because this tube is a perfect insulator the outside stays cool, so you want scald yourself when sliding your food out of the glass oven! Just load your veggies, fish, or whatever into the cooking tray, slide it into the vacuum tube and go back to enjoying the great outdoors!

GoSun Sport Stove


The GoSun Sport is a portable stove that uses the sun's energy to cook your food.

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Lighten the load

This is the ultimate solution for camping trips, picnics, or an off-grid adventure. Forget about hauling heavy fuel tanks that will eventually run out. Use nature's fuel even on a cloudy day or on snowy terrain to cook up your food. The GoSun is made with durable materials that are easy to fold up and carry making this stove one of the easiest ways to enjoy a hot meal after a day's adventure!