The Coolest Cooler is a high-tech cooler packed with a ton of neat features. What was originally a Kickstarter crowdfunding project seeking support, is now available for direct purchase.

So what makes the Coolest Cooler indeed the coolest cooler? It has a high-performance ice-crushing blender made from hardy Tritan food-grade super-safe plastic that will blend right off of the cooler lid. It's powered by the coolers onboard 20V rechargeable lithium battery and can make up to 16 pitchers before running out of battery juice. There is also an onboard removable Bluetooth speaker made up of dual drivers, 5-watts, and a resonator plate for bass and clarity, and can play up to 8 hours before needing a recharge. Speaking of charging, need to charge your smartphone, tablet or iPod? No problem. The Coolest Cooler has a USB connection that will recharge your device while you are busy having fun at the beach. When you open the cooler, a LED Lid light illuminates your contents allowing you to find what you need even in the darkest environments. Inside you also get a removable cooler divider that lets you split and divide your contents, or you can simply pull the divider out and use it as a cutting board. You will also get reusable plastic plates that can function as a frisbee for even more beach fun. We haven't even mentioned the onboard ceramic knife, wine and bottle openers, a done in one tie-down bungee cord system, and hideaway accessory deck.

The Coolest Cooler will bring a ton of convenience and functionality to your next beach party. The Coolest Cooler is 26" in length, 21" in width, and 19" in height and has 55 quarts of volume. It weighs a slightly hefty 30 lbs without ice, but the pull-out handle and oversized rubberized wheels make it easy to pull the cooler wherever you go. The Coolest Cooler isn't cheap, and will set you back about $485, but you will surely have the coolest cooler around.

See you at the beach!

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