Store, pour, repeat.

Give each bottle of wine you pour every advantage to make it taste its best and keep longer by using the Corkcicle.ONE.

Whether you're honouring the integrity of a beautiful bottle of cabernet sauvignon a dinner guest brings over, or trying to enhance the discount bottle you have on hand and have to serve to unexpected guests, Corkcicle has created a product to aerate, chill, and serve your favorite bottles at home. When you're done, rinse the Corkcicle, return it to its case, store it in your freezer, and you're ready the next time someone wants to share a bottle.


Store the Corkcicle.ONE in your freezer with it's included case.


The Corkcicle.ONE is an all-in-one solution to chill, pour, and aerate your favorite bottles of wine.

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The Corkcicle.ONE is an all-in-one companion for your wine cabinet. Its design is reminiscent of a pristine, hanging icicle and after about an hour inside of your freezer, you can remove the Corkcicle.ONE from its case and submerge it in a bottle of wine to prepare for serving.

The top of the Corkcicle is designed as a stopper and a closable spout allowing you to serve your wine without having to remove the chilling tool. The spout aerates as it pours, so you don't want to leave your guests waiting while the wine "breathes". The stainless steel design of the Corkcicle.ONE ensures the flavor of your wine will not be tainted, simply cooled to be enjoyed at the perfect temperature.