This paper-thin wallet easily carries the essentials!

How much cash do you carry with you? Chances are in 2016 having actual cash on hand isn't a high why do we still use wallets from the generation before us? Paperwallet has come up with a thin, durable solution to get rid of that uncomfortable bulge in your back pocket.

Thin for the win

Having a "fat" wallet was an appealing necessity in the days when people always carried cash, stored their receipts, business cards, and more inside of their wallets. In the digital age of tap and pay, fat wallets are a pain (literally). Paperwallet designs slim, minimalist wallets to carry the essentials in style!

The Standard Wallet


Paperwallet designs minimalist wallets with an unforgettable look.

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Worldly wallets

Paperwallet products are made from Tyvek, a super strong, thin, durable material. It's used to wrap houses during construction among other things. This material allows Paperwallet to create an extremely thin form to hold your bank cards, driver's license, and the other few essential items you'll actually need to get through their day. Each wallet is decorated with beautiful and funky designer patterns created by artists around the world and fits currency sizes from around the world too!