Your toothbrush, evolved

Tired of hiding your ugly toothbrush in the cupboard? Keep the Epiqual Design Toothbrush out on the bathroom counter and your guests will ask you where you got that beautiful décor piece.

Because toothbrushes can be pretty, too

You spend time and effort decorating your bathroom, to give it a certain feel and turn it into a space you can relax in. Why undo all that hard work by leaving an old toothbrush out in the open? Now, your toothbrush can add to the overall look of the room. The Epiqual Design Toothbrush is designed to add a charming appeal to your bathroom. Its smooth, matte finish adds a touch of elegance to the room, and the antibacterial cover hides away the brush's bristles, turning your toothbrush into a work of art as it stands vertically on a silicon coaster on your countertop.

The Epiqual Design Toothbrush


The Epiqual Design Toothbrush is designed to become a piece of decor and will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

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Different colors for different decor

The EPIQUAL Design Toothbrush comes in six delightful colors to match different decor palettes. Inspired by various locations in California, you can pick from Pacific Coast Highway Gray, Long Beach Palm Tree Mint, Venice Sandy White, Angeleno Sunset Pink, Santa Monica Pier Navy, and Malibu Elegant Black. You can also pick from three different nylon bristle types: general (for most people without dental issues), sensitive (for people with weak gums or who like soft brushing), and binchotan (for people who want to whiten their teeth using a bristle that contains charcoal). Best of all, you can refill your bristle stock as needed through a home delivery subscription service to save you time and money.