Talk about specs and features all you want but when it comes to wearing a watch sometimes you want a little fashion and style to go with it. All day long it stays on our wrist, aiding in our daily routine with the same face. After going through the standard clock faces in the Galaxy Gear Manager sometimes you want to mix things up a bit and create your own personalized design to add some flare to that bright Super AMOLED screen. Watch Styler gives you the ability to create your own faces either by using their pre-installed backgrounds, ones taken on your camera, or existing images in your gallery.

There are two types of watch faces you can create, analog or digital. Using either of these choices leads you to the customization screen where it allows you to choose an image from the sources listed above including basic colors with pre-installed patterns to overlay. Once that step is complete, users are asked to insert widgets for the date, clock designs, and icon indicators for the battery and Bluetooth. Each one features a few different styles at your disposal, which bring a new look and feel to the watch face. What I find helpful is the preview button at the bottom right. No matter at what step you at, it displays what your changes will look like on the Gear before you save it.

In less than five minutes your watch screen is ready to be activated through the Gear Manager on your compatible Android device. Simply go into the clocks section and scroll down and select the Watch Styler category and tap on the gear to activate. It will bring you to the Watch Styler app itself to choose which amongst your personalized designs you wish to use. All that is required is tapping on your favorite and it in an instant appears on your Gear.

As I said above, the variety is rather limited when it comes to the different types of clock faces and icons but this application has potential. Hopefully, the developer will continue updating with more options and templates. Another distracting element people might notice is that you also can't resize any of the icons so you have to move them around the grid to fit in certain wallpapers.

When it comes to creating simple and basic watch faces this is an app that is fun to use and there are certainly plenty of combinations to go through. I haven't been using this application for long so I cannot comment on how it affects battery life. For now with standard use the watch still lasts the entire day without requiring a charge.

You can download Watch Styler through the Gear Manager under the Samsung Apps heading and search for it by name or by tapping on the link from your mobile device.

Download WatchStyler (mobile only)