The smart way to fight home hacking

We live in a connected world. Look around your house. What do you see? Computers, smart phones and watches, baby monitors, TVs, thermostats, and other connected devices that are all at risk of being hacked by the wrong person that manages to gain access to your network by exploiting security flaws in your connected devices, tampering with your Wi-Fi router, hacking your smartphone, or planting malicious malware in an Internet of Things device. But Cujo can put a stop to it.

Protect your finances, safeguard your family, ensure privacy

Cujo is a smart internet security firewall that plugs into your router to give all devices in your connected home network business-level security against the newest and most-sophisticated malware, viruses and hacking techniques.

Cujo analyzes your local network traffic data and sends partial data (don't worry, nothing that will invade your privacy) to the cloud for further analysis. If a threat is detected, it will send a notification to your mobile app about what was blocked so you can confirm it or manually override the block. The app also allows you to control and monitor all devices on your network and control internet access for select devices.

Cujo Smart Internet Security Firewall

$99.00 + 8.99/month for service

Cujo provides current and comprehensive data protection. It sends data to the cloud to analyze your connected devices behavior, compare your traffic to commercial threat intelligence feeds, and ensure unauthorized IPs don't connect to your home network.

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Transforming the face of cybersecurity

This innovative security device constantly updates itself to block new threats and notifies all Cujo devices when a threat is detected and blocked. This shared intelligence allows the device to continuously evolve and offer up-to-the-minute protection against malware and hacks.

Cujo is built with 1GB ethernet, so your network speed won't be affected, and the device supports many connection modes: automatic for simple networks, bridge mode for networks with several routers and/or modems, and DHCP mode.