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Denon announces new family of wireless speaker systems

Denon HEOS
By Rich Edmonds on 2 Jun 2014 05:01 am

Denon has just launched a new family of wireless home speakers, called HEOS. The company, looking to go up against Sonos, will release the selection of wireless speakers that can tap into both local and cloud-hosted media collections. Music buffs will not only be able to listen to a synchronized experience through each speaker, it's also possible to have speakers play something entirely different with iOS and Android support to boot.

If you own a Windows Phone (or don't have a home Wi-Fi network) there's an optional HEOS Extender which will act as a bridge and work the magic. The company states leading cloud services will be supported for sourcing content, but we're not entirely sure which services will be included. The family of speakers come in three flavours – the HEOS 3, 5 and 7. Starting with the highest option, HEOS 7 sports five class D amplifiers, two custom tweeters and mid-woofers, one sub-woofer and two radiators. It's serious kit.

There are also USB and aux-in ports available for wiring up both ancient and up-to-date hardware. The HEOS 5 is the middle-range option with four class D amplifiers, mid-woofers and a passive radiator, sharing identical inputs as its more expensive sibling. Finally, the HEOS 3 is the smallest of the three speaker setups with a 2-channel digital amplifier, dual full-range woofers and the same input selection.

The main question now is cost. Just how much will the HEOS range set consumers back? Priced between $299 and $599, depending on which model is selected, the speakers are available in black or solver-white and can be found in stores from later this month. Those who may be looking to add an existing stereo, Denon has teased pre-amp and amplifier units.

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Denon announces new family of wireless speaker systems


Yet another set of speakers I cannot afford.. It amazes me these things can cost as much as a mid range iPad or iPhone.. or laptop.. crazy.

Expensive? Yes! Nut can they conpete against sonos? That's the main question! I hope yoy gues @ connectedly do a comparative study on these 2 brands!

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This is the way speakers are going and most high end companies will be introducing a line in the near future. I think at some point there will be lower end wi-fi speakers available as the demand grows. I love my Sonos speakers and whenever I have people over and show them what they can do and how they sound, there is always a comment about having to get this. Start with one and grow from there.

Hopefully bringing competition against Sonos will help the entire market drop. I'd love to get a set of Sonos, but until I can afford it, it's not going to happen. Competition could slowly drive the price down.

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It is amazing to see what Sonos realized and developed years ago. They have been aiming high all these years and are still pushing the limit. They provide quality and usability that is unparalleled. And I cross my fingers that all these copycats won't get too much share in this market. A little bit of competition is good for the market though and will hopefully keep the price reasonable on Sonos' side...

Just what a one horse race needed, finally some competition.
The more competition there is the better the products become, the more affordable they become. This can only be a good thing for the consumer. I love the idea of this kind of system but I wouldn't pay that kind of money for that kind of speaker I'm afraid.
I'd much rather put it towards a dedicated stereo system like naim.

The speakers may be really good! Like....REALLY good! But are they worth the hefty price? If so, why? What do these have that other low cost ones don't?