There have been countless times where I pulled away from my house only to double back to make sure I closed the garage door behind me. It seems pretty simple to make sure your garage door closed before leaving, yet somehow every so often I find myself unsure if I did, in fact, watch it completely close. Blame it on the three-year-old yelling in the backseat, dodging other drivers just not paying attention, and every other hazard and distraction that comes with being behind the wheel. Every so often it nags at you like the oven or iron quandary.

There is a smart-home solution to fix that problem. MyQ Garage is a simple device that works with most existing garage door openers, connects to Wi-Fi and will monitor and alert you if your garage door opens. Feel secure knowing you can control your garage door from anywhere in the world. The subscription-free MyQ app will send activity alerts and double as a home security feature.

Setup is simple: just mount the MyQ WiFi hub, attach a sensor on the garage door itself, and pair the hub with your home Wi-Fi connection. That's it!

Get the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Opener / $126.99