Smart storage

We have the luxury of owning sleek and beautiful personal tech. There is a certain amount of prestige that comes with owning the latest device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Yet, we generally lack an elegant and organized way to store these devices in our homes when they're not in use or while they're charging.

Cable clean up

A solution has emerged to provide function and style for charging and storing your gadgets. The aptly named company, Great Useful Stuff has created a device valet to manage up to three phones, a tablet, and a 15-inch laptop. With five USB inputs, and two AC plugs, this smart power hub does an incredible job of cleaning up the clutter of charging cables. By concealing and connecting all device cables within the valet's base, a single power cord replaces a sloppy mess of wires that would otherwise be running along your counter or across your desktop.

Smart Device Valet

Device Valet Side


This smart device valet charges and stores your gadgets when not in use.

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Available in eco-friendly bamboo, white and black leatherette, or high-gloss cherry finishes, this device valet provides thoughtful function to display and store your gadgets in your home or office.