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Did you wear your smartwatch out for New Year's Eve?

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jan 2014 02:41 pm

Last night many of us ventured out to bars or parties to ring in the new year, and I'm sure that plenty of you had a smartwatch along for the ride. Sadly I was stuck behind the bar but I did have my trusty Pebble with me all night long. I anxiously awaited all the emails and SMS messages from my friends and family when the clock struck 12, watching them all float in without having to pick up my phone.

Kevin went out in style last night as well — rocking his white Pebble for a night on the town. 

What we want to know is how many of you wore your smartwatch out last night? Or did you dress things up with a mechanical watch for the special day? Hit up the poll below and let us know!


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Reader comments

Did you wear your smartwatch out for New Year's Eve?


This is where having lots of straps and / or smartwatches plays a big roll. I think my white Pebble went pretty well with the black blazer / white shirt I had on for NYE. Got compliments too. And was stoked that two people asked me if that was the Pebble! They didn't even mistake it for a Gear. They knew it was a Pebble.

A) No one ever picks out my Pebble as being a Pebble. B) I love the black / black because I can wear it with pretty much anything and it looks amazing. 

Kevin, now you've made me want a white Pebble, just by flashing it in those pictures. And of course, it's on backorder.


Lol. Sorry about that. I usually think of white watches as more of a "summer" look, but in this case I think it totally worked. My go-to normally would have been my Rolex Daytona (stainless steel w/ white face) for this outfit, but honestly the white Pebble worked just as well. And is a heck of a lot cheaper. And kept me notified of everything going on while I was out for dinner and drinks!

No worries, Kevin. I'm all about bang and flash anyway, so if I see something as striking as a white Pebble, I want it. Functionality AND flash? I'm in.

And you're right, it is a heck of a lot cheaper than a Rolex! (Which I couldn't ever hope to afford!)

Kevin looks pretty smart with his white Pebble, defo a good look.

Does it have a gloss or matt finish?

I reckon that the Sony Smartwatch 2 is nicer looking than the Pebble, but it's a personal choice, and that's just me :)

Yep... I wore my Black Pebble with black band. Was nice to not have to pull out my phone all the time when I got all my end of the year/New Year sale emails. Haha. Should have worked with a face editor for a festive theme.

Wore my Sony Smartwatch 2 out last night. It actually looks pretty classy to be honest. I get more comments than I do with my Tag that cost nine times as much...