Like taking candy from a robot!

Magic Snack Automatic Vending Machine

When you were a kid and walked past a candy dispenser at a restaurant, the grocery store or a hotel, the treats inside always looked so good! If you had a coin, you could slide it into the vending slot, carefully turn the key using your own specially-finessed technique to get the most possible candy, and hopefully walk away with a handful of sweets.

Well now you're an adult, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the occasional treat. The Magic Snack automatic candy dispenser evokes the nostalgia of childhood, blending retro style with modern automation. Load the see-through bowl with your favorite M&Ms, Skittles, peanuts, or other small candies. Set it up in your kitchen, home theatre, or bring it out when entertaining. Then sit back and snack away, coin-free. Adjust the unit's regulator to control how many tasty treats are dispensed from the machine's slide.

Magic Snack

Magic Snack


Magic Snack automatic candy dispenser portions your favorite treats.

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You're a grown-up, but you don't always have to act like one. The Magic Snack dispenser is a fun throwback to a time when a handful of candy could turn your day around.