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Do you own a Philips Hue?

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2014 12:06 pm

There's a pretty good discussion going on right now in the Connectedly forums where jsntrenkler posed the question, "Do you own a Philips Hue?" I personally have yet to pick up a set, but Kevin has quite a collection and is a big fan of them. I do love Hue, from what I've seen at least, and I'm getting closer and closer to pulling the trigger.

For me, there are a few things holding me back. Currently I don't have very many lights that I actually use most days (kitchen, living room, bedroom) where I see a need for Hue. I'm also not too keen on adding yet another bridge to my setup — I already have one for my Nexia system and Sonos as well as my Fios modem and router. It's actually kind of crazy how many bridge/router devices I have in my living room compared to other devices.

I do like the idea of Hue, I'm just not sure it's for me. I'm almost positive that my wife wouldn't care about it enough to use it, and even though they still can function as "standard" lights, it would lose a bit of luster for me. If you entertain often or have a sweet media setup I can see them being a great addition, but for now I'm going to wait it out.

So what say you? Do you own Hue, or are you still thinking it over? Hit up the comments here and be sure to oin the discussion in the Connectedly forums to let us know!

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Do you own a Philips Hue?


I will be getting a set. This will work great in my "Man Cave", too bad it wasn't set up to the game. So when the team scores it would flash the lights etc, just like the Red Light from Budweiser.

Needless to say, will be getting one soon.

I ordered a starter kit last week and can't wait till it arrives! I have a physical disability and all of our rooms downstairs have ceiling fans with pull cords. Apart from having to get up to turn them off I have to stand up from my wheelchair and reach. I think the idea of having remote control over my lights will change my world. I also suffer from PTSD and do a lot of meditation, yoga, and tai chi. I can see the colour control helping me wake up in the morning and assist me in maintaining control and staying calm.

My friend has Lifx bulbs and it creates a really cool ambiance when he does soirées with the intensity and color of the bulbs changing with the music. It sure is on my to-get list. Hue or Lifx not sure yet.

I don't own a place nice enough to pimp it out with Hue lights. It's a lot of money to put into a crappy apartment lol.

Phillips hue seams awesome, but wow those are expensive I don't care to spend that much on light bulbs. Wow 199$

Philips hue is great, but it also is greatly overpriced.

The bulbs are hugly expensive.

You also need a way too expensive Phlips Ambilight TV to take full advantage of the hue experience.

Windows Phone isn't supported and the main sales channel for hue are the Apple stores.

hue is a grat product but too expensive. 3 bulbs are not enough to get started with hue.

I'd like to own a Phlipis hue set, one day I'll have one in my living room.

I'd love to give it a try, but in terms of actually feeling like I'd need to go out and buy it, probably not so much yet.

I think one cool use-case for it would be for mood lighting (so to speak). Sometimes a blue tint light is better for some type of activities, while a warmer light might be better for others. Being able to switch between them with one bulb would be neat.

I really don't think that I would ever really use them that often to justify the premium above standard LED lights which are already not cheap. Great concept, but I personally wouldn't pull the trigger until the price drops considerably

Curious with concept, but not convinced at current price point. Also uncertain I want another bridge on my network.

seems like a cool concept but a tad pricey. if these were comparably priced with regular bulbs, or slightly more expensive (i realize thats really not possible) i would give it a try. but for the cost and limited benefit i cant really justify it. however it would be cool to have if your throwing a party or want to change the color based on the holiday. that i could see

My current living environment isn't very conducive to using Philips Hue lights, but I would love to have them in the near future. Using the lights to mirror or improve my mood would be perfect for my future living room or bedroom.

Currently I do not own a Phillips Hue. Unfortunately, the wife saw me looking at them in the store, saw the price, and quickly squashed my plan!

And now I wait for her to come home with a new pocketbook and/or shoes…and then I'll strike. haha

I am actually in the same boat, I love the idea, and want to be able to find a place for it, but it just doesn't really have a role in my setup

I do think they are pretty cool, but I don't see myself really using them much to make it worth the price.

Obviously I went pretty heavy with CFLs when the incandescent bulbs were banned here in Canada. I've bought one dimmable LED bulb which is awesome. I especially like they are instantaneous which was one of the problems with a CFL. One of minor issues with the dimmable LED is that it actually doesn't get faint enough. The lowest setting is still too bright as I use it in babies room and I used to be able to have it very very dim so I could see and it wouldn't disturb the baby. Not the case any more. As for Hue, LOVE the idea. I'm surprised no one has mentioned its use in the kids room. My little girl is 4 now and it would be perfect to have it dim in her room and change colours. If we could have a story change the lighting along with the narration of a kids book, how awesome would that be! I haven't done much research with them but it sounds like they require a central hub of some kind instead of using a WLAN mesh technology? Would be nice if they could be standalone. Are there any alternatives that are standalone bulbs? Also, working our BlackBerry 10 smartphones would be nice although we have an iPad mini and a Nexus 7 so not the end of the world.

If they were not so expensive, then I would be more apt to purchasing them. I'm not sure I like the whole bridge thing, but hey I would just put it behind the TV anyway...

Had never heard of the Hue before Connectedly offered some up in the contest. I will be reading up on them and if I can replace some or all of what I have, I will go for it. I'm hoping they will work in my kitchen rehab project.

It seems cool and I love having more control over my home but this is a bit over the top for me. I have money but not that 'controllable light bulbs' money.

Own Hue and want to buy more! Have 6 standard bulbs now and one of the Bloom lamps. I love them. For night / early morning I keep them at a nice shade of blue. So much better than sitting in the dark at night or waking up in the morning to full blast lights.

I don't have Hue bulbs themselves but I have some of the friends of Hue mood lights. I opted for 'normal' LED bulbs for now until the overall cost comes down. I got dimmable LEDs, IR switches and remotes for the entire flat for less than it would cost to replace my existing kitchen GU10s with Hue ones. With recent announcements from other major players I hope the price point will come down and Hue can emerge from it's Apple Store prison.

I would like to buy a Philips hue too but as you said, adding another bridge to my already connected set of devices will be a pain in the arse... And as far as the lighting issue goes I think their use doubling up as standard lights was a pretty smart move by Philips.