Your own personal secretary, minus the attitude

We live in a connected world. That's no surprise. We all have our routines and we come to rely on our phones, using them for certain things in certain places as we go about our day. Do you read the news first thing when you wake up? Listen to music while you get ready for work? Always check the weather before you head out the door or look to see if your bus is on time? Why not make your everyday routine easier? Dot can help you do that.

Streamline your day

Dot is a device that uses precise location tracking to predict what you want based on the time, your location, and your past behavior to help your phone choose the right actions with less effort on your part. It essentially acts as a physical push notification to streamline the way you interact with the apps on your phone and the people you see throughout the day.

This Kickstarter acts as your own personal secretary. It will notify you when important things happen, like when it's time for you to take your daily medication, when that coveted package finally arrives on your doorstep, or if your boss sends you a message that you know they'll want an answer to right away. It can also remind you of important meetings or notes as soon as you sit at your desk, or of notes or reminders from other Dot users in your home when you walk within range of the Dot.



Dot is basically a physical push notification that uses precise location tracking to predict what you want based on the time, your location, and your past behavior.

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Dream team

Dot has a range of 150 feet and the capacity to work with many of your connected home devices to create your own dream team. It works with your Nest thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature for each family member. It works with your Sonos speakers, so your music follows you as you move from room to room. It works with your LIFX bulb so that lights will automatically turn on when you walk into a particular room.

You can also configure your Dot to give you different LED-colored status updates, like if your roommate comes home, or if you need to close your door for some do-not-disturb time. It can also change based on things like the weather (red for hot, blue for cold), or your utility usage (green for being within your limit, red for using too much energy). This device could be the perfect addition to your routine.