Double O initially launched on Kickstarter back in April 2014 looking for funding for their re-invented bike light. It quickly became a hit, and they made it past their pledge goal and went into full production late 2014.

The Double O offers a few variances to your standard bicycle light. The front headlight features 12 LED lights formed in a circle outputting 85 lumens, bright enough to help you see what you need, without blinding oncoming drivers and cyclists. The rear light outputs 50 lumens and together with the front light can be snapped together using the magnetic backs. Being shaped like a donut, also allows a standard U-Lock to fit through the center hole for safe lockup.

The Double O also uses a heavy-duty elastic strap to attach to your handlebars, helmet, or backpack and allows quick removal to lock-up, or take them with you. There no fidgeting with screw on mounting systems. Both lights are fully water-resistant and use three AA batteries, and depending on your use of steady or flashing mode, can last up to 50 hours. The Double O's retail for £48.99 which is just under $ 60 US.

Purchase your Double O bicycle lights / £48.99

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