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Download the HOT watch simulator for Windows

By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2014 09:25 am

If you're a HOT watch fan waiting on a device, we found something that might keep you busy for a little while. As posted in the comments on their Kickstarter page, the HOT watch simulator for Windows is available for download. We haven't had a chance to dive into it too much just yet, but if you're looking to get your HOT fix then it's worth checking out. 

To download, just head to the link below and enter the password Simulator4HOT (case sensitive). If you do fire it up be sure to drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Download the HOT watch simulator for Windows

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Reader comments

Download the HOT watch simulator for Windows


There's some discussion in the forums about this, but I'll repost my thoughts here as well:
The gestures I found were the hardest part. I was able to consistently do the U, A, and S, usually get the D, C, and B, but was unable to do the M. I liked that I was able to swipe left and right to different screens, as well as hitting the dots on the top. Some of the screens are supposed to be customizable, particularly the third screen with various apps, but that must have to be done through the companion mobile app, as I can't see a way to do it from the watch. Also, I hope that the home is able to go to the user's preferred watch face and not only to the first analog watch face.

All in all, it feels like they put a good amount of work and thought into the ui.

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