Download the unofficial Smartwatch Fans app for Windows Phone

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By James Richardson on 13 Jan 2014 10:14 am

Are you a Windows Phone user that likes to keep up to date with all the smartwatch news that we have to offer? You can now do so via an unofficial app which has been created by jrnag1 and is available in the Windows Phone store — free of charge!

The application is typical Windows Phone and will allow you to pin a Live Tile to your home screen for quick access to the application. Navigation is as you would expect and is achieved by scrolling left or right through the three current options available - Latest News, Videos & Contact Us. 

Using the Smartwatch Fans logo, the app looks pretty sweet on its black background and for you Windows Phone users, this will be a great alternative to firing up Internet Explorer.

You can pick it up from the link below and if you have any suggestions for future additions, hit up the comments where I'm sure the developer will take them onboard. Our Android and BB10 apps should be on the way very soon, so stay tuned!!

More information/Download the unofficial Smartwatch Fans app for Windows Phone

Reader comments

Download the unofficial Smartwatch Fans app for Windows Phone


I agree. IN WPCentral, they add the QR code and makes it much easier to just scan from the phone and download.

It's great to be first but I'd rather wait for a decent one. Half the screen covered by the title, no live tile and you have to go to the web site anyway to see the full text. Useless. I'm uninstalling it.

There will be an update that addresses these issues shortly. especially the large title, no full article and the low quality images.