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This drone will deliver champagne to your $10,000-a-night hotel suite

This drone will deliver champagne to your 0,000-a-night hotel suite
By Chuong H Nguyen on 16 May 2014 05:04 pm

Forget waiting for room service to arrive, luxury California hotel The Mansion at Casa Madrona will fly you your champagne order to your seaside suite via a flying drone. If you shell out $10,000 a night for the Alexandrite Suite at the posh Sausalito, California hotel just north of San Francisco, the amenity includes delivery of champagne via a flying drone.

Delivery is made via an octo-copter, and 7X7 is noting that the service can deliver two bottles of your favorite champagne at once.

In addition to champagne, the hotel is also figuring out ways to deliver other goods as well, including cookies. It's not quite as robust as Amazon's concept of delivering all your Amazon Prime shipments of whatever you order by drone, but it's a good start towards automated delivery.

Now all that The Mansion at Casa Madrona needs is an accompanying smartphone or tablet app to let their affluent guests order the "flight" of champagne themselves without having to talk to a human concierge. Such mundane human interaction is for plebeian class.

Are you ready to shell out $10,000 a night for this tech-forward novelty?

Via: CNET, source: 7X7

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This drone will deliver champagne to your $10,000-a-night hotel suite


With California heat, I hope they have a way of having it chilled while traveling. I wouldn't pay 10K if everything weren't to perfection. I don't see a bottle of champagne staying cold long in the California sky.

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For ten grand a night I'd want room service delivered by a naked Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba... A little crude, but I'm having serious trouble envisioning a way any hotel could be worth that.

At the least I'd want a sharply dressed person who'd actually pour the stuff, never mind "waiting for room service" for 10k they can have a real human waiting at your beck and call.

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Its not hot in most parts of California. It's just never very cold.

Has anyone considered the unemployment problem we're going to have when drones become widely used? What are we going to do with all of these unskilled laborers that we have imported in 10 or 20 years?

10k is a lot. And for that price, they could probably have a real person bringing you Champagne, the point of this kind of stuff would be to lower the price, not make it higher...

If I'm going to pay ten thousand dollars for something that includes drone service, I want the drone to take out my enemies, not bring me champagne.

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If I could afford and chose to spend $10k a night for a hotel room I would expect crazy tech services like this. I wonder how many people you sleep in a hotel room like that? I concur about the app to order it and other though. If you did have it in a mini cooler... best luck making it look so classy!

Lol these are the kind of problems I want to have! But in serious, how long until the skies are just filled with these things? I feel like everyone is getting in on the drone band wagon