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Hands-on with the Drop smart scale

By Mark Guim on 30 Sep 2014 03:00 pm

We've mentioned Drop before. It's a an iPad-connected kitchen scale that works with their exclusive app to ensure home bakers consistently great results using specially selected interactive recipes. The smart scale can also rescale quantities, offer substitutions and share tips. Drop's co-founder and CEO, Ben Harris, gives us a demo. Go watch the video!

How does it work? After placing a bowl on the scale, drop in an ingredient and the app will automatically know once enough has been added and move to the next step in the process. The scale features a capacitive button that can page through the app.

A very interesting feature here is the ability to rescale. For example, if a recipe requires 5 ounces of flour, but the scale notices you've only added 4 ounces, it can change the amount for the rest of the ingredients in proportion to what's needed.

The Drop scale will start shipping this fall for $99. You can buy it from their website, getdrop.com.

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Hands-on with the Drop smart scale

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I find it kind of funny, i use the exact same thing at work every day - to mix automotive paints and primers. So it seems so logical to bring it into the home, but its something most people would never think of!