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Dropcam Tabs can monitor your doors, windows and valuables

By Simon Sage on 6 May 2014 03:13 pm

Today Dropcam announced a new security product called Tabs that's a little outside their usual purview of internet-connected cameras. Dropcam Tabs are affixed to doors, windows, and objects, and send alerts to your mobile device when entrances are opened or closed, or when objects leave or come into the home. They're rain and dust resistant, so can be used outdoors, and use Bluetooth low energy, so you don't need an internet connection for them to be useful.

That's not the only thing Dropcam's working on. They're also working on having their cameras recognize pets and specific people in software, and deliver (or refrain from delivering) mobile alerts accordingly.

Overall, Dropcam Tabs seem simple and ties in with an existing and familiar system. The catch is you need a Dropcam Pro unit already installed at home, and it's unclear if you need an active service subscription as well; hopefully not. The Tabs are only $29 a pop and ship this summer. More information is over at Dropcam's landing page. Any takers? Are you using any entrance tags in your home? Are there any must-have features before you take the plunge on connected home security?

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Dropcam Tabs can monitor your doors, windows and valuables


This seems very similar to Korner from a few days ago...

They look interesting, but as Chadwick said above if it's subscription based that means no sale.

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This seems great, however, is it any better than one of the many options available if it comes with a service fee?

hmmm...sounds cool. Similar to the korner post a few days ago. If these two have to battle it out i guess the one without the subscription fees or with a single lifetime fees will win. i wouldn't like to pay a subscription fees for such a product and i think all other connectedly readers will stand by me when i say that annual or monthly subscription fess makes it too big of a hassle.

I am super interested in home automation/security. I wish someone would compile a list of available options with price points. I know there are subscription free solutions out there. I just don't want to hand more money every month to Comcast or ATT even if they are offering the equipment for "free".

All of these technologies must be creating downward pressure on security monitoring services available to homes and businesses? I live in a condo and we've been contemplating security cameras for some time but it would have been historically too expense. However, in the past 5 years, there must be a huge drop in prices since we can go wireless and camera quality has improved. I think we better look into it again.