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The Droplet aims to save people money with a connected sprinkler system

By John Callaham on 21 Jul 2014 02:51 pm

The latest in the growing trend of Connected Home devices is the Droplet, which claims to offer home owners a way to save lots of money via an "intelligent" sprinkler system.

The Droplet sprinkler itself connects to a regular garden hose, plus a second connection is needed to an electrical outlet. Once the Droplet is placed in the yard, the owner then uses either an iOS app or the company's website to tell the Droplet what specific plants are in the yard and where they are located.

The site adds:

Droplet's smart sprinkler system leverages over 10,000 weather stations' real-time data, millions of square miles of U. S. soil samples and comprehensive biological plant information to make decisions on when, where and how much water to deliver. The state-of-the-art robotic sprinkler understands each plant and disperses the proper amount of water to ensure even and efficient watering. Droplet waters lawns without soaking the fence, driveway and patio furniture.

The end result is that Droplet is designed to cut down on a home's water use by up to 90 percent and could save some people hundreds of dollars a year. That's the theory, anyway. The Wall Street Journal got a chance to try out the product and found that setting it up to work on a home WiFi network took a while. The electrical outlet requirement was also seen as a big issue, but the company claims it will release a solar power attachment that will eliminate that need.

The Droplet is currently on sale on the Home Depot website for $299.99. Do you think the Droplet is a good idea or is it just another device trying to cash in on the "connected home" trend?

Source: Droplet; Wall Street Journal

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The Droplet aims to save people money with a connected sprinkler system

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I don't have a very big yard but with gardens in the back and front this would be a good product to have. But the electrical aspect is one issue so the solar powered units would be a good idea. The other problem I might see is the wifi connections. With gardens being at the far end corner of the back yard, will my wifi be able to make a good enough connection to have it work every time? Right now, even with an extended wifi unit, the backyard wifi is ok enough to work my Sonos app but even then I don't have full power. The price tag is steep but I don't know how many come at this price so I will refrain from commenting further. Might be something I will look at next Spring and by then I will deifinitely be using Smartthings to smart-connect my house.