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Dubai police force stepping into the future with Google Glass

Google Glass
By Rich Edmonds on 21 May 2014 05:54 am

It appears that not only consumers are getting excited for the possibilities with Google Glass (and wearables in general), but also the Dubai police force. According to a report over on Gulf News, the force will soon use Google Glass to issue fines on the spot to motorists, as well as quickly identify wanted vehicles. The headwear is currently undergoing trials by the Dubai Police Smart Services Department.

Google Glass is a handy tool, which could be utilized effectively in this case. The device is capable of taking photos, recording video, accessing the web and providing directions, to name but a few functions. Photos captured by officers would be uploaded into the central database immediately, while other apps would aid in daily police tasks (including the detection of wanted vehicles).

The aim is to make the Dubai police stations smart, while providing officers the tools to become 'smart police officers'. You too can pick up Google Glass if you happen to have $1,500 lying around.

Source: Gulf News

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Dubai police force stepping into the future with Google Glass


A while ago, pictures of some Dubai Police Lamborghinis appeared on the web. Then I read, that those were not actually assigned to the daily police tasks, but to show the wealth and power of the Emirate. In this case, using Google Glass, it would actually be something that would improve their performance. Let's hope the idea catches on and gets implemented in many police forces around the world. Of course, assuming Google considerably cuts the price for them (quantity of the purchase order as well as the importance to enforce security)

Wow, this looks like a step in the direction of Syfy's "Continuum" thing police officers will have computers embedded in their bodies.

Awesome. I just asked in the forums how connected technology could improve productivity for the average worker and this is perfect! As the technology progresses, this could be huge. Imagine when the Glass will be able to see things the human eye can't see. A suspicious individual in the dark corner, the probability of a hidden weapon, a cat hiding in a tree, etc... I'm sure this technology has already been implemented by the US military for quite a few years. Trickling down to law enforcement only makes sense.