Have you heard DUBS?

When you need to focus and minimize distractions around you in the office, or you want to enjoy a concert today without the ear-ringing tomorrow, DUBS has created a smart, inexpensive solution, to help you tune out unwanted noise.

Enough of THAT noise

You know what? Rock shows ARE loud. In your teens and twenties you have no problem dealing with squealing guitars and shouting singers but sooner or later, you hit an age where you want to enjoy the show, but not feel deaf the next morning. Fortunately, you don't have to look like an old person by jamming Kleenex in your ears or wearing earplugs like you're operating a jackhammer on a road construction crew. DUBS has a more discrete solution.

DUBS Acoustic Filters


DUBS acoustic filters are a passive audio technology ear plug which help filter out excessive volume, which can help you protect your hearing, and tune out unwanted noise.

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Listen up

The DUBS acoustic filters are designed to get rid of some noise, but still let you hear what's important. This means at a concert the superfan behind you who is singing off-key won't be quite so annoying. The overall crowd-cheering at a football game won't leave your ears ringing the next day. And the teenagers sitting next to you at Starbucks discussing how they "can't even" won't be quite so annoying while you're working on your blog or screenplay.

On average, the DUBS filters out about 12 decibels of volume overall, but is designed to offer even higher protection in the critical midrange hearing. Save the case the DUBS come in so you have a handy storage option to toss these ear plugs into your pocket or purse so they don't get gross. DUBS are available in four colors and fit comfortably in your ears.