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Earin are completely wire-free earbuds looking for funding

By Justin Duino on 17 Jun 2014 09:08 am

When purchasing a phone or tablet, most users look for different accessories to complete their mobile package. So that they can enjoy different types of media on their devices, one of the top accessories purchased are headsets. Headphones are the perfect accessory for users to tune out the world and to focus on whatever they're watching or listening. The issue that persists is that there is a nasty wire dangling from your ears to your device. Enter the Earin.

The Earin is a Bluetooth earbud headset that is completely wire-free and has just launched its funding campaign on Kickstarter. Earin is not the first company to come out with a wireless headset before but this is one of the first pair of earbuds that connect to your device over Bluetooth and do not have some sort of wire connecting the two together. Products like the Jaybird Bluebuds X are also "wireless" earbuds but there is still a wire that connects the two earbuds plus an audio control module built into the wire. While connecting the two earbuds together does make sense so that you do not lose the headset, the guys at Earin have a solution so that the user does not have to worry about losing one or both tiny earbuds.

Earin Wireless Earbuds

Included with the product is a metal cylinder that houses the Earin. This case allows the user to easily pop in both earbuds and then pack them away without the fear of misplacing them. The only major drawback to the product is that the battery life has about 3 hours of usage with a full charge. The metal carrying case is also the solution to that problem. When you are not using the Earin to listen to your media and they are safely stored with the case, they are receiving a wireless charge from a battery stored in the capsule.

Earin launched on Kickstarter just a couple of days ago and it has already surpassed the £179,000 funding goal. You can go and back the project to make sure that you can get your hands on the device for £119 plus shipping if you're outside of the UK. Unfortunately, all of the early bird priced units have been backed but you should still be able to get your Earin sometime around January of 2015.

Reader comments

Earin are completely wire-free earbuds looking for funding


These are not the first wireless earbuds. Have you checked out Bragi's campaign called "The Dash"? Yes their product is actually wireless smart headphones/earbuds but are still I would argue the first.

UPDATE: link to website, http://www.bragi.com

There are a great idea, but the price point is too high for me. While convenient, I still have trouble finding comfortable headphones of any kind that go in-ear. I did come close with the Motorola bluetooth headset I have though; no wires, but it does wrap around the back of your head.

I checked out tmack8001's Bragi link too; looks like another great option, but again the price point is too high for me. Hopefully these sorts of things can gain traction though, I love the idea and would love to see this become more of a standard.