More and more people are becoming interested in the whole connected home experience these days, and the competition is growing and growing. One of the areas we have seen great growth lately is in the smart thermostats, with devices like Nest, Honeywell and others trying to make their name known. Previously we reviewed the ecobee3 and now they have integrated IFTTT to take the device to the next level.

We are so excited to see the recipes you will build for your ecobee using IFTTT that we're giving away 2-packs of wireless remote sensors to the creators of the 4 best recipes. Send your recipes to by March 19, 2015!

The channel is launching with 10 triggers, 7 actions, and 12 recipes, but ecobee wants to see just how creative you can get with this. Whether you want to set the thermostat to away based on your location, have it turn on at a specific time, or receive a notification anytime someone changes the temperature they can all be easily configured. Thanks to the new ecobee channel users will be able to choose from a set of existing basic recipes, or create their own based on specific needs.

Source: ecobee