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From the Editor's Desk: Gearing up!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Feb 2014 04:02 pm

So the past few weeks I've been on and on about how we're just waiting out these new devices. That still holds true this week, only we have more devices to wait on. 

Samsung has announced their Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit devices at MWC. Two watches and a fitness band that's trying to be a watch — all of which we'll see in April. No word on pricing or an exact date, but I'm really hoping that they're not a much of a hit to the wallet as the Galaxy Gear was. Or that's gonna be bad.

Am I excited for them? Of course. I actually think the Gear Fit would almost make me want to be more active. It could be just the right mid-point between fitness tracker and smartwatch, but we'll have to wait and see. Then again, all of these little guys only work with a "wide variety of Samsung devices" so that means I'd have to give up my Nexus 5 again to rock them for any length of time. I was really hoping that they'd be made available across a much broader range of Android devices and I think it's a dumb idea to limit them to such a small set of compatible devices. 

What I do think is cool is that they're all running Tizen. Which isn't pronounced Tih-zen (as I found out), but Thai-zen. So there's that. Coincidentally I've been doing some reading on Thai-zen to figure out just what it's all about. 

I've been such a fan of my Pebble lately that I've found it hard to roll with anything else. I tried out my Toq the other night for a while but I found that it's actually more cumbersome to have to tap into my notifications or turn on the backlight, that as much as I love the device, it makes it hard for me to use it. My Pebble seems to always be there for me, working the way I need it to day in and day out.

So what else? We also saw this monstrosity from Huawei and I'm not really sure what I think of it. I'm not sure that it will amount to much, but we'll see what comes of it. It's kind of a hulky beast but I suppose it's not bad for what it is. But Bluetooth headsets are so last year.

Also, there's plenty more to come from MWC this week, so bookmark our hub page here for all the goods. 

And RIP Harold Ramis — a damn shame. Such a great director/actor/filmaker. 

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From the Editor's Desk: Gearing up!


Any word on the warranty terms regarding IP67 and liquid damage? I know on previous "water resistant" phones from Sammy there was no official warranty covering liquid damage which kinda made the water resistant part pointless should it fail.

Yay I've been saying tizen properly! Haha. I agree with actually being interested in the Fit. There's something about it. But then I'm in the same bye bye nexus 5 boat soooo NOPE! I'm fine with my pebble.

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