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From the Editor's Desk: Getting busy

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jan 2014 02:48 pm

It's been nearly a month now since we launched Smartwatch Fans and things are starting to pick up. We've finally worked out all the kinks, tweaked up the design and things are rolling smoothly. Our forums are buzzing now with over 7k members and growing! I had a blast at CES this year checking out more smartwatches than I could handle, but now things have settled down and I'm getting back into a good groove.

There's no shortage of smartwatch news (which is a good thing) so we certainly won't be slowing down anytime soon. There are still plenty of projects that haven't shipped yet, some due to hit backers very soon and others that are just ramping up. It seems like everywhere I look I see more and more devices — which is awesome.

We had some bad news this week as the Kreyos, Omate TrueSmart and HOT watches are putting up minor delays. Not a huge deal as that's what happens with projects like these, but still a drag for those that were expecting to get their hands on devices soon. What's good is that the Pebble Steel pre-orders are set to start shipping tomorrow which I'm definitely looking forward to. 

I think a big part for me now is waiting on these new devices. We seen plenty on the current watches that are already available, so I'm pumped to dive head first into these new devices when we finally get our hands on them. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can do just that, so fingers crossed that there are no more hiccups from here.

Again, if there is anything in particular you want to see come out of Smartwatch Fans, please let me know. We're nothing without the readers so we always want to make sure we're giving you what you want. No matter what we'll stay committed to bringing the most in-depth coverage we can about all the hottest watches, but if there is one you want to see that may not be on our radar, definitely let us know.

So with that I wish you all a happy week. Almost one full month in the books and plenty more to come! 

Oh — and don't forget to enter out contest to win a smartwatch of your choice!

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From the Editor's Desk: Getting busy


Site is looking good, I am waiting for my pebble steel to be delivered so any suggestions of good apps with an iPhone would be good - I saw your android review and that was good - one for iOS would be good.

Can we join your competitions from the uk?

We have a guide coming for iOS as well. I haven't used mine with my iPhone all that much but I'll see what great apps there are.

And yes, you can absolutely enter all of the contests from the UK unless the post says otherwise. 

Hi Adam - love the site! I find myself looking several times a day to see if there is anything new. Keep it coming! Since you're asking for ideas.... I think a lot of us are trying to figure out what we want to go with, but finding a really great real world use comparison between options is pretty tough. Lots of reviews are available on specs, looks, price, but I haven't found any that really detail each model and how they work. For example, if I have a gear and a text comes through, what are my options to respond, if any? Reply via keyboard? Reply via voice command? Just dismiss or read it? What about the same scenario with a Pebble, or an Omate, or Kreyos ? How about emails or calls coming in? Taking it even further, how about options that become available with sideloading or rooted and running a custom rom, or if you even can root ? I have found a lot of the answers myself , but only by piecing together info from A LOT of different reviews on different sites. Some kind of running chart might even be a good option so that it could be updated with new features and models as they develop. I believe that this site will ultimately be THE go-to site for all things smartwatch related and feel like this would be useful info to anyone out there who's looking or trying to decide. If you think it's a good idea, I'm even willing to put together a preliminary chart to show what I mean (I admittedly am OCD to the point that I have started one already to sort the info I have been collecting as it was getting a bit overwhelming!) Either way, thanks for the work you're doing!

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The site is certainly growing. Glad to be a part of it from the beginning. Forums are definitely buzzing more and more

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