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From the Editor's Desk: The waiting is the hardest part

By Adam Zeis on 4 Feb 2014 07:51 am

It's a crappy, snowy day here in New Jersey. After I worked away yesterday on some Pebble stories, I started doing a bit more recon on some of the watches that are on the horizon. I have a full post coming soon-ish with the ones were most excited about, but I thought it would be a good time to chime in let everyone know where we're at.

We've been pumping out content for the big name watches that are out there right now — Pebble (and Pebble Steel), Sony Smartwatch 2, Galaxy Gear and a few others. Of course not all of you own one of those devices. Or own a device at all even. I've looked over the results of our reader survey and what's crazy is that over 50% of you don't even own a smartwatch. So that means you're either here for the fun of it, or you're hanging out waiting on your device to actually become available. Or even just waiting out new software, as was the case with Pebble and the Pebble appstore.

I know there are lots of you waiting on a Pebble Steel, Kreyos Meteor, HOT, Agent, TrueSmart, Neptune Pine or whatever — and that's awesome. In a few months these will all (hopefully) be readily available so we'll have plenty to talk about. I'll admit that things are a bit slow right now due to the lack of good devices actually on the market. Sure there are a bunch of crappy ones, but I'm not sure we need to dive into those too much. 

So rest assured that as all of them start making their way out in public we'll be all over it. I know that most of you want to see buyer's guides, comparisons and all that fun stuff — and you will. Just give us time to get things going and actually have some more watches to compare and we'll certainly bring you the best content that we can. You've all been extremely helpful so far in letting us know what you want to see here and we've taken it all in so we can give you what you asked for.

Also, since I've been asked a bunch, I currently wear my Pebble most days, but now I'm transitioning into the Pebble Steel as well. My Steel has yet to ship even though I ordered it day one, so luckily I still have my review unit to play around with for now. I like that I can easily swap between the two depending on where I'm going so I can dress it up a bit if I want. People actually seem to really like the look of the Pebble Steel and have a hard time believing it's a smartwatch.

On that note I'm off to finish shoveling my driveway. I'm pretty much over winter at this point so thankfully we only have a few more weeks to tough it out.

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From the Editor's Desk: The waiting is the hardest part


Yes, really like to read the buyer's guides here. I am waiting for my pebble steel to ship. But also I want another smart watch for my WP phone. Kreyos and Agent looks good for WP, so I don't know which to choose.... Or are there some other ones even better than them... Hope so, or maybe Microsoft introduce some smart watches? Surface Watch?

Waiting is hard. I did a fair amount of research on a smartwatch and plumped for one that has been delayed by 2-3 months. I'm so impatient.

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I'm really looking forward to the buyers guides and comparisons. I haven't made a smartwatch purchase yet and won't until I see a better intersection of utility, style, and cost relative to my budget. So file me under the 50%. I'm just pleased that there is a dedicated site that will delve in to the category deeply.

And I shoveled twice yesterday. I'm more by the coast so I don't think tonight's snow will be as bad for me, but good luck.

Same, I'm waiting and debating between several and am curious about a few more that might be on the way... Will have to wait and see for now.

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My wait ends today. I will be wearing Omate TrueSmart this evening. I will post my first impressions in the forum and maybe a larger review this weekend. Speaking of which, can we get the Omate forum moved out of coming soon since 1500 folks in North America are getting theirs this week?

If the battery generally gets me through a day, the Omate TrueSmart will probably replace my Pebble. Otherwise Pebble will remain my normal wristwear and Omate will be for running and other outdoor activities.

Good luck with the snow Adam. Yesterday sacked for snow here in Ohio. We got a good 7 inches. Made for a strenuous day off work for me. ;-)

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Winter just started this week here in California. Hopefully we will get enough to grow crops this summer so we don't all starve to death haha.

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Ordered my pebble steel on 10 Jan and got a shipment notification yesterday. Will be here the 6th.

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