EE's Buzzard is less bird-of-prey, more in-car 4G LTE

EE Buzzard
By Richard Devine on 21 May 2014 09:25 am

UK carrier, EE, has today made a raft of announcements about its 4G LTE products and services with one of the more interesting ones targeted at the car. The Buzzard – cool name, definitely – is a dedicated in-car 4G LTE hotspot that the carrier will sell to you for £49.99 on pay-as-you-go.

It's nothing fancy since it's basically just a regular old portable hotspot. But the Buzzard will connect directly to the cars 12v power supply allowing you to connect up to 10 different devices inside the car. EE also says it's designed in such a way to sit out of the way in a cup holder. Oh, and it's bright yellow.

The Buzzard will be on sale from May 28 and will also be available on EE's shared data plans. Connectivity in the car is becoming more and more of a thing, so would this suit you better than something built in?

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EE's Buzzard is less bird-of-prey, more in-car 4G LTE