Kicked TV

This week on Kicked TV, Dan Verville and Kim Gesell bring us another funny and entertaining episode featuring five great projects currently looking for pledges thru crowdfunding.

1. CMYK 4.0

CMYK 4.0 is a smart folding electric bike that brings connectivity, efficiency, and safety to your daily commute. Already past its crowdfunding goal, the CMYK has a 250-watt motor that will give you up to 30 miles of assisted riding on a single charge. The CMYK is not motorized style scooter; rather it is defined as "pedalec", meaning it will assist you as you pedal rather than give you a throttle. Built-in sensors track speed, heart rate, and road conditions.

It also has built-in headlights, tail lights, battery level indicator on the handlebar, a neat little cell phone holding pouch and the ability to plug in and charge your phone. The bike only weighs 26 lbs, and can be quickly folded up allowing you to easily bring it inside your home, work, car, or even onto public transportation.

You also get the statistics of your trips, including average speed, cadence over speed, routes you've taken, calories burnt, average heart rate, and much more. The CMYK 4.0 provides great practically and packs a ton of neat features to make your ride more enjoyable and safe. There are currently only $549 and up pledge options, and the estimated delivery for your bike is March 2016.

Pledge to reserve your CMYK 4.0 Electric Bike / $499

2. E1 Camera

The E1 Camera is the world's smallest form factor camera. It can shoot up to 4K UHD, and also allows interchangeable lenses to be attached. The micro four-thirds lens mount allows it to accept AF (Auto-Focus) lenses from the Panasonic Lumix, Olympus, Leica, and Sigma line of cameras. It will also accept a variety of MF (Manual Focus) lenses. The E1 can be controlled using the proprietary iOS or Android application, and allows you to live stream and manage content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0. The E1 can be remotely powered, and allows the ability to shoot up to 102,400 ISO for incredible low-light performance. There are still $449 pledges available and a December 2015 product delivery with the E1 already past its pledge goal.

Pledge to reserve your E1 Camera / $499

3. Mini Tim3 Machin3

The Mini Tim3 Machin3 is a multi-function cooking apparatus in one. Cook rice up to 29% faster than competition cookers, the Tim3 Machin3 can also create perfect quinoa, yogurt, oatmeal, and has a slow cooker and steamer. A $45 pledge gets you an early bird Mini Tim3 Machin3 and is estimated for delivery December 2015. You also get a handful of accessories including the S3AL Cooking Pot lid, the RINS3 Rinsing Basket, the Paddl3 Silicone Serving Paddle and more. This device is already past its pledge goal and looks pretty sweet. I mean sw33t!

Pledge to get your Mini Tim3 Machin3 / $45

4. Boho Series 2.0

Boho Series 2.0, by Bohemian Guitars, are small metal body electric soprano Ukulele, Guitar, or Bass instruments made from trendy little oil cans. Available in a variety of different designs, the IndieGoGo project is way past its funding goal. The Boho Uke in any design goes for $99, the Guitar for $185, and the $349 for the Bass. Delivery is estimated for December 2015.

Pledge to reserve your Boho Series 2.0 Uke $99 / Guitar $185 / Bass $349

5. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Last, but not least, the Opal Nugget Ice Maker has been incredibly popular, with over 10x its goal already pledged. The Opal Nugget Ice Maker makes up to 24lbs of chewable soft nugget ice per day. Featuring a stainless steel housing with easy access crystal clear bin, it can crank out a lb of ice every hour. It features an early adopter pledge price of $399 and is estimated to ship out July 2016. The Opal would look great in any kitchen or bar setting and will quickly chill your favorite drink.

Pledge to reserve your Opal Nugget Ice Maker / $399