Tesla vehicles predicted to hit 620 mile (1000 km) range on single charge by 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently did an interview for a Danish news show and dropped a few interesting tidbits in the brief interview. Interesting takeaways from this interview:

Elon thinks it's great that other car manufacturers are making electric cars. He says he even encourages them to use any of his patents free of charge despite the pressure that shareholders may put on him to fight off the competition. He says he encourages the advancement of electric cars for the greater good of civilization.

The Interviewer asks when Elon thinks 620 miles ( 1000 km ) range may be possible for an electric car on a single charge. Elon mentions Bjørn Nyland hitting 728.7 km (453 miles) in his P85D on a single charge but thinks 1000 KM will be possible by 2017. He thinks 1200 KM range will be possible by 2020, and an average increase of 5 to 10% annually. The current Tesla Model S is rated for about 270 miles ( 435 km ) of real life use.

Autopilot should be ready in a month from now, and three years from fully autonomous vehicles being technologically possible.

Sighing and looking concerned about civilization still being around in 20 years, Elon says he hopes that the majority of cars will be electric by then, and should all have autonomy. He also mentions that it would take nearly 20 years for electric cars to be manufactured fast enough to replace all gas powered cars on the road today.

Lastly, he talks about electric cars not making any sort of impact globally yet, and less than 1% are electric. He also mentions the importance of keeping incentives in place to benefit electric car purchasers to further extend adaptation.

Video Credit: Sahil Malik on YouTube Story Credit: RealTechDrives.com