Coffee is a big deal. A large segment of society relies on it to get them up in the morning and keep them going through the day. People spend a lot of money on quality beans, quality machines, and on daily coffee-chain coffees. So perhaps spending a lot of money on a connected smart mug won't be out of the question.

Meet ember, the next-generation connected smart mug. The average pouring temperature of a coffee is 160°F. The average preferred drinking temperature is around 135°F. Ember is engineered to help get your coffee to the perfect drinking temperature, and keep it there. Incase you don't have enough stuff to control with your phone, the 12 fluid oz mug can pair to your iOS or Android device via bluetooth. With the Ember App you can control the temperature of your coffee remotely. The Ember app will also allow you to preset and save the temperature for a variety of your favourite beverages. If using your phone seems like a hassle, the bottom of the mug has a turning-dial to set your perfect temp. A LED readout of the temperature shows up on the side. The Ember Mug retails for $129.

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