Never be bored on the water!

One of the fastest growing watersports is stand up paddle boarding. The only problem with SUP boards is how HUGE they are! Tower Paddle Boards have solved this problem by introducing a rigid, inflatable board!

SUP, dude!

If you have yet to try a SUP, it is as much fun as it looks! You stand up on a really long, really wide surfboard, then use a paddle to explore the waters along an ocean bay, river, or lake! If you want to get into the sport, but also want to avoid dirty looks trying to fit a SUP board on the bus or the logistics of figuring out how to strap a ten-foot board to your car, Tower's Inflatable SUP is exactly the board you've been looking for!

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9'10" SUP Package


The Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP rolls up to be about the size of a sleeping bag, but inflates to be an extremely rigid, nearly ten-foot paddle board.

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Convenience is key

The most important thing about a paddle board is stability. At first it's hard to wrap your brain around the idea of exactly how something that looks like a rolled up sleeping bag can fill with air and be strong enough to support your standing weight on the water. Tower manufactured these boards for extreme rigidity with military-grade materials that make these feel as solid on the water as the non-inflatable models. In fact, they stress-tested these to be driven on by a car, so you know they're tough enough for even a bumpy day on the water.

When not in use, these paddle boards can be rolled up to take up almost no room even in a small garage, shed, or apartment (the same cannot be said for traditional hard SUPs). The biggest limiting factor to people trying this great sport is the cumbersome nature of the boards, but Tower Paddle BOards Adventurer SUP package has everything you need to easily get into this relaxing and fun sport!