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Enter for your chance to win a new limited edition Pebble smartwatch!

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2014 01:01 pm

Today Pebble announced some funky new limited-edition smartwatches, available in Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue. They're amped up Pebble's that will certainly be attention getters. No more will you have to be seen with a boring old black or white smartwatch — now you can tear it up in style with one of these overstated devices. They're all available now for $150 from getpebble.com — but not to worry because we're giving you a chance to win one!

We're all about spreading the smartwatch love, so here's your chance to win a brand new Fresh, Hot, or Fly limited-edition Pebble smartwatch. All you need to do to get in on the action is leave a single comment on this post telling us which watch you choose.

We'll run this one up to Sunday August 10th at midnight PT, then we'll crown a winner! Good luck!

Reader comments

Enter for your chance to win a new limited edition Pebble smartwatch!



Thanks! Finally a smartwatch that looks like a woman would wear it. I would like the Fly Blue. It even matches my purse.

Great watch, other brands must follow it especially about costumizability, battery life and GUI.

The steel one is really awesome.

Green is a great.. I'm Turkish, my English bad.. Definitely a product of style and cool. I really want you to be mine. Design and construction is great. Producers would like to thank ..

Green is used worldwide to represent safety. In several religions, green is the color associated with resurrection and regeneration, which means i ll take the green one if possible.

I've been in agony wanting a Pebble since launch but just haven't been able to justify coming up with the money for one. Connectedly could be saving me a lot of stress trying to save up for one. Blue looks great!

What...is your favorite colour?!
Green. Er...blue. Aaaaaaaaargh!!

Just to reiterate, FLY BLUE for a fly guy

The FLY BLUE color will look really cool on the kindest and most beautiful lady in the world, who happens to be my new bride!

Not really a fan of the colors, but heck I'm not going to complain if I win. I'll take the blue.

As much as I like rocking my black pebble original, I really could use a blue one for switching out!

Been rocking a blue og Casio and love it, but want that smartwatch feeling. My Sony smartband just isn't cutting it. Fancy that blue pebble!

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Fly blue! It matches me new ride. If girls can match purses to shoes why can't I match my watch to my car?!?

Just got my first pebble a black one. I love it, but the neon green would be a fun color to have. I think I have watchface OCD. Haha

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Fresh Green for me please the other two are my daughters favourite colours so at least that way I will get to use it myself :)

The fresh green or fly blue are tied for my favs. Though if I had to choose which I don't want to my mother told me to pick the very best one and green is the one.

Hello sir , i live in india

i love gadgets ! i love Fresh Green prbble smartwatch limited edition !

hope best .

( @aakash006sharma ) TWITTER

Hurricanes coming in. I'm outside to catch some wifi. I'm ibound to the world unseen. Pebble and me: Bomb.

I was surprisingly not that big of a fan of the Pebble range, until I saw the Fresh Green.... It's tempting :P so must say Fresh Green for me please!

Fly blue would be nice to get
But since I never get anything in contests - good luck to the winner!

If it were rated to diving depth I'd go for the safety yellow aka fresh green, but for normal wear its got to be the blue.

Fly blue looks awesome, reminds me of the color that I got at this pedegogo (maybe that's the name, its a electric bicycle rental place) that the watch was. I'm considering getting a moto 360, maybe this would save me the money!

I pick fresh green like you'd pick a fresh leaf
A fresh watch in a fresh colour
What would be cooler?
I have so many tech projects on hold because I need a smartwatch for it