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Epson steps into wearable space with two new activity monitors

By Jared DiPane on 7 Jan 2014 09:44 am

In an attempt not to be left behind by every other company out there, Epson has announced two new activity monitors. Previously known for their office equipment, Epson has learned that the electronic space is constantly changing and they hope that they can remain relevant with their new Pulsense devices. Trying to differentiate themselves from the competition Epson has gone with bio sensing technology that can monitor heart rate, calorie burn, sleep patterns and activity level to give the most accurate data.

Being able to sense the heart rate right from the wrist, without the need for any additional equipment, puts Epson in a position to more accurately calculate calories burned during a work out, or determine your sleep patterns properly. With the built in memory of these devices the Pulsense units can hold 480 hours of heart-rate data on the device before it must be transferred to either a computer or the mobile companion application.

Pulsense will be available in two different models, the lower end PS-100 and a higher end PS-500. The PS-100 will feature a small LED display, as well as offer the ability to sync wirelessly through Bluetooth to properly view the collected data. On the other hand the PS-500 is more of a watch type device with a bigger display to allow you to view things like time and date, calories burned, heart rate and steps taken all right from the device.  The PS-500 will also allow you to sync to the mobile or computer companion application to better view the information gathered. Both of these devices utilize the LED's to help show you whether you are in a fat burn or aerobic exercise zone so you can ensure you are getting the proper workout you desire.

With the PS-100 coming in at $129, and the PS-500 at $199 these trackers are probably a bit limited in overall functionality compared to some others at this price point. Epson has said that these will start shipping in summer of 2014, so now we wait to see how they hold up in real world usage.

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Epson steps into wearable space with two new activity monitors

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