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Eve smart irrigation system takes to Kickstarter, hooks into SmartThings system

Eve smart irrigation system integrates with more
By John Callaham on 21 Aug 2014 09:23 am

Santa Clara, California based start up Plaid Systems is currently raising money on Kickstarter to finish development of Eve and Adam, a new connected home irrigation system that taps into the SmartThings platform to help water yards and gardens more efficiently.

This new product is, on the surface at least, similar to the previously announced Droplet intelligent sprinkler system, and perhaps not as ambitious as the nutrient-sensing Edyn smart watering system. In this case, "Eve" referrs to the system's main controller, which handles the load of connecting to SmartThings to acceess the weather forecast from the Internet. Plaid Systems says, "If rain is forecasted, Eve might skip watering. For high temperatures, Eve may water a little extra - all depending on current conditions in your yard."

Eve is connected to the sprinkler system in a home's yard. It can also connect to up to 16 "Adam" wireless moisture sensors that are each pushed in the yard itself. The company says, "Use an Adam on each zone and Eve will customize the schedule for each one independently. Or, group multiple zones to an Adam to share the heavy lifting. If you don't have an Adam assigned to a zone, Eve will use landscape type and weather to optimize the settings for that zone."

The end result is that Eve and Adam should allow for up to 60 percent less water use in a yard and Plaid Systems claims that savings will help pay for the smart irrigation system in as little as a year. Plaid Systems is looking to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter to help finish development and a donation of $160 will get the user an Eve 16 zone controller and one Adam sensor. Shipments of the devices are supposed to begin in March 2015.

What do you think of this latest idea of a smart home watering system?

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Eve smart irrigation system takes to Kickstarter, hooks into SmartThings system


I'm missing something here. What's the point in the Eve system when Adam can communicate directly with the smartphone, which also communicates with the Internet? Doesn't a smartphone/tablet make the Eve component redundant?

Here is the problem with these systems. If you are under water restrictions like most of the southwest, this is a system that won't help. I can only water on Sunday and Thursday. That's it, nothing more. No hand watering, no sneaking (the fines are hefty in my city). So even if it rains on Sunday, you still water. If it rains a few inches, you decide if you can go until Thursday. This year it has been pretty nice, only a few days above 100, but last year, we were hitting 112, and stayed above 85 at night. You learn to water, stop so it will soak in, then water again. I run through 2 cycles on my sprinkler system so it will do this. That way I don't waste water via run off. It also pushes your grass to grow it's roots deeper, which helps the grass stay alive when it gets watered less.

Just to clarify, Eve replaces your irrigation controller and turns the water on and off. While Adam monitors the actual moisture level in the ground. It can conform to water restriction schedules, both days and time. We measure soil moisture at 2 levels to ensure longer watering times that will get to the roots. On top of that, if high temperatures are forecasted, additional water may be added. Edyn only waters a small area based off where you put your hose sprinkler, we take over your entire irrigation system for your entire yard. Our objective is so that you can forget about your irrigation, opposed to spending more time on it.