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The Exetech XS-3 is more smartwatch than you can handle

By Adam Zeis on 12 Mar 2014 12:10 pm

The debate rages on between the smartwatch that's really a watch, and the mini-phone that's parading as a smartwatch. The Exetech XS-3 fits into the later category, packing in more features than in some current phones. 

The Android-powered Exetech runs on a dual-core processor with 2GB of storage and is also sporting mirco-SIM & microSD slots. There's 2MP camera along with a 420mAh battery to power it all, and that can be replaced should the need arise. It will have full access to Google Play, but that means running apps on the 1.54" 240x240 LCD screen. It's also fairly big and bulky by comparison, but that's so it can have all those goodies packed inside. It does look more like a watch than the Neptune Pine though, so we'll give it that.

The XS-3 is available now in black for the nutty price of $485USD with a white version coming soon. It's definitely at the top of the price range for current devices, and thusly we're not quite sure it's worth all that cash, for now anyway.

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Reader comments

The Exetech XS-3 is more smartwatch than you can handle


That's crazy! So much for a watch. I know some people pay that for their watch, but does any company ever say how many they expect to sell?

it's just another hoax

go to aliexpress and type there android watch , you'll be very surprised to see that the same watches (even with the camera at the same location) you can buy for $150-170 for 1pcs and on alibaba you can buy the same watches for $100 in qnty 50+

What's the price of a nice Seiko for a mid tier watch or premium brand watch these days? 300-800$ and people buy them all they do is tell the time and date maybe a stopwatch... 450$,for a mini phone on my wrist seems like a bargain...

There are others with better specs and standalone cell capability that cost a lot less, though (e.g. Omate Truesmart).

The screen actually looks really small in the picture, not sure how easy apps would be to navigate. Plus that price! I would not be willing to pay that much.

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Exetech XS-3 vs. EC309 TIGON SmartWatch

Startlingly similar function and specification, but the latter can be had for roughly half the price.