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Eyes-on the Samsung Gear Fit Manager application

Gear Fit Manager
By Richard Devine on 1 Mar 2014 02:20 pm

With the new Samsung Gear Fit comes the companion app to help control it, in this case called Gear Fit Manager. Despite having no connected Gear Fit during a recent hands on at Mobile World Congress we did manage to get a quick look at the app on a Galaxy S5.

There aren't really any surprises, and the Gear Fit Manager does largely what the current Gear Manager does for the Galaxy Gear. Manage clock faces, notifications, wallpapers and connected apps all in one application. The appearance is also very much in keeping within Samsung's new look Touchwiz design. Very flat. Oh, and very brown.

Nestled in the settings menu there are also a couple of helpful motion activated actions such as waking the Gear Fit by raising your arm and Smart Relay to view your Gear Fit data on your phone just by picking it up. We'll need to wait until April to give it, and the Gear Fit, a proper try, but for now take a look at a view eyes-on images of the Gear Fit Manager.

The new Gear devices should work with 17 different devices, albeit all Samsung Galaxy ones. But even then, it's a fantastic looking device that we're really looking forward to getting our hands on. Anyone else?

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Eyes-on the Samsung Gear Fit Manager application