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Feedback wanted: Connectedly TV Pilot Episode!

By CrackBerry Kevin on 2 May 2014 03:32 pm

It really is exciting to have a new community within Mobile Nations that's of a slightly different nature than our other mobile platform dedicated communities. Connectedly really is starting fresh, and as such, we plan to have some fun experimenting and trying out new things.

One of the areas we've been brainstorming is how we want to do video. Specifically, the kinds of videos we want to record and produce for Connectedly. Long story short, we're going to have a range of video types and styles, from short Instagram videos that quickly tease a product, to full hands-on review videos of products and even personality-driven editorials.

Leading up to the launch of Connectedly, we were brainstorming an idea for a round-up type show, and as a matter of chance this video came together. We're still thinking on ideas of what would be the best bet for the community and what you would like to see in a show of this sort. We're not opposed to a weekly round-up show, quicker videos or maybe just long pieces like this for our bigger reviews and news. This one does look pretty sweet when all is said and done, but we still need feedback — and that's where you come in.

In this pilot, Drew Kozub takes us through a few connected products — The Roku 3, Vtech's Connect to Cell and the JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker. Take a few minutes to check it out, then hit up the comments with your thoughts. Let us know if you love or hate it, what you'd change, what you'd keep or anything else that comes to mind. Again, this is just one idea that we're tossing around for now and we want to get some feedback from all of you before we kick things into high gear.

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Reader comments

Feedback wanted: Connectedly TV Pilot Episode!


That was exactly my first thought as well.

For a site that will be dedicated to connected gadgets, I guess I'd rather see more how too then promo spots. Show people the benefits of these kinds of gadgets in hands on kind of way. More DIY channel and less home shopping channel.

It felt a lot like 3 commercials back to back. Personally I would prefer someone (or multiple people) talking directly to me as the viewer and in a way that feels more real and less like advertising for the products.

I don't mean to be offensive Kevin and co. But Instagram videos that tease a product does sound a little bit dumb. I mean when you have a review of the device you post a video of that right. Now before any review, actually weeks before that, the product has already been launched and you inform us of that so most of the time the product teaser can come from embedding the official video of the product into the article, right?

Seems to be pretty much a brochure and spec read for 3 products. Maybe something along the lines of "And this is why I think this is so great..." would make it less commercial and more helpful

Also, that cue ball was headed right for the side pocket.

Maybe just a TAD bit overproduced. Feels a little too stiff. It definitely gives off a "commercial" vibe to me. Almost like paid programming that you'd see late at night. Something a little more casual that's like a mini-video podcast would be cool. Maybe something with the host saying what he likes or doesn't like about a product or two, and why he does or doesn't like those things. Just showing me stuff and saying "This thing exists, this is what it does" just feels kinda shallow and advertisement-y. I work professionally in video and film, and I DO applaud you guys for how technically proficient the video is. It certainly looks like it has high production value, but there's really just no meaningful content being presented. I couldn't care less about the information presented in this pilot show. I would like to see the host break some stuff down for us. What you said here "personality-driven editorials" sounds awesome. If you could mix the production quality you have in the video above, with a cool editorial piece, then you'll have me as a consistent viewer. Don't be afraid to make the video a little cozier too. Blasting someone with a daylight balanced LED looks good for a commercial, but maybe not so much for an inviting opinion piece. Step away from the windows and get some tungsten light all up in that bitch ; ) (obviously blue/white light would still look great for review pieces, because tech stuff pretty much always looks good under those conditions).

I'm sorry if I come off a little blunt. I'm really just trying to give you guys my unfiltered feedback, because I really do look forward to your guys' video content. Keep being awesome! Can't wait to see what you guys do next.

tldr; Warm it up a bit, more personal, less commercial-y, luv u

As other have mentioned you need to find the right balance between providing succinct information about a product but avoiding it coming across as a commercial. I like the short video style (as a complement to longer videos) but they need to have a clear purpose that you lead with. This one does not (although I accept it's just a pilot) and I think this is the main reason it reminds people of triple commercial and is a bit forced. Short videos dealing with a quick round-up of a product category, or newly released products, or products that have arrived pending review, or a member of staff's top 5 whatever, etc. would work well. It needs this type of focus, identified clearly at the start, to help the entire piece flow and to maintain the short and snappy style. If not it feels a bit like separate videos cobbled together with no overall purpose.

The only other issue I have is with the sound effect for the graphics. It's great but in a short video like this it is used too much. You should either adjust the volume or save it for the key introductory graphic.

It reminded me of one of the lame tech pieces you'd see on good morning america. Too dumbed down and too much like a commercial. Maybe have products that are closer related?

It's really nice that you're trying a different approach entirely, but readers want personal opinions and hands-on reviews. Tell us all the nice features but also throw in a couple of drawbacks or limitations. No gadget is perfect/complete, and we want to know exactly what each lacks :)

Like others have said, needs more opinions and less manufacturer blurb quoted. Sponsored content is fine up to a level, say 25%? 75% or more should be objective opinions. This is crucial not just for us viewers but for you to retain your audience.

If you're going to do short clips, stick to the one product review and go deeper in depth and make more videos to show more products. This way, we can choose the products we want to see. Love the variety of this site keeping me more informed on new products.

not sure if this was trying to be a review or infomercial but it's too heavily scripted and used too many buzz words, quickly lost my attention and generally feels like it is talking down to the viewer

Great feedback!

Agree with a lot of it. As I said in the post, this one just sort of came together through a matter of luck / circumstance, and we didn't give any real direction on what we wanted to see in the video (was more of a production quality demo).

All the feedback jives though with what we were thinking. Great to run the video though and get the community's feedback. Keep it coming!

I would like to see what device connects like ios,android,blackberry. Just saying smartphone. Could it be all smartphones. Just promo clips.

I'll add my two-cents requesting good, plain-Jane, how-to videos. Some of these device setups must be very obvious to the developers who have been living with the devices and apps forever, but when the product reaches the consumer that obviousness is as clear as mud.

Promos are ok, and useful, but please tag them as such.

Thanks for asking.

Production values are good, though the format is something we've seen plenty of. And if I were to be really picky, I found Drew's presentation style a bit distracting. He lifts his chin a bit too much. Again...just picky.

I agree with most of the others. Too much infomercial and not enough actual information. Go for solid reviews, or how-to type work arounds to solve probable issues with the device in a connected environment. Not all devices "play nice" together.

Like many others here, I'd like to see a little more analysis on the products than pitch, but the production quality is spot on. Some of the sound effects for the lower thirds coming in and out were a little distracting though. Nit-picky, I know, but they stood out and seemed a bit out of place.

Yep, like most comments, less promo and more review info is what i'm looking for when i come here. Same for when i go on AndroidCentral. Though it is a nice way to be informed that a certain product exists or just came out and what are their key features. But in the end, i'll still want to see a review and/or compare with similar product.

As people noted above, it is more like a promotional video which I like as it present the products; however I think the second step after the presentation of the product, there should be a "review" type segment to give the positives and negatives (not too long, straight to the points). You could also compare the products presented to competitors

Not sure if others mentioned this before me, but if the idea is to keep the video short, I would make sure to present and discuss products that are similar or could be used together.

Last, I would drop the tie! Too formal. The attire is fine but the tie makes it too formal