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FiLIP smart locator watch for kids available now for $199

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2014 11:26 am

A few months back we got word of the FiLIP "smart locator" — a smartwatch for kids with built-in tracking and voice communication. Today the FiLIP is available for purchase for $199 + $10/month on contract through AT&T. The watch works with the companion app on iOS or Android but requires AT&T data service for the on-device features.

The FiLIP lets you store up to five trusted numbers to which your kids can make two-way phone calls. It can receive short texts and provides location information to the companion app so you can keep tabs on your kids when they're out of your range.

FiLIP is available now in Dragon Green, Starfish Pink, Bubble Blue and Rocket Red. Each device comes with a power adapter and USB cable. Currently only the "Little FiLIP" size is available but "Big FiLIP" is coming soon. You can pickup a device online from the link below or in AT&T stores nationwide. 

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Reader comments

FiLIP smart locator watch for kids available now for $199


Definitely a must for parents in my opinion. Plus it is unlimited plan for $10 a month. Wish they had a Windows Phone App for this.

I was really interested as well. However the reviews posted on the shop of the manufacturer are everything but exciting :(

I called Filip about WP8 support and was told that it is under development at this time and we would get it soon.

I'm going to give this a hard look. I showed it to my kids and they thought it looks good. I have Verizon but it looks like you can purchase them as a stand alone from AT&T.