DJI, the makers of the best drones in the world has released a new compact camera that may have just become the best action camera around. It's called the DJI Osmo and it's the world's first compact stabilized 4K camera system. There have been lots of companies offering both software and hardware image stabilization solutions in recent months, but the DJI Osmo brings a complete solution right out of the box.

The Osmo offers filmmakers a new way to filming smooth 4K-quality video without the camera shake you would get with standard action cameras. It does so in part because of its 3-axis stabilized gimbal that is attached to a selfie stick type handle. The camera is also interchangeable, and supports the new Zenmuse X5 and X5 Pro cameras. If you purchase the kit, you get the Zenmuse X3 that offers 4K video at up to 30 FPS, and 1080P shooting of up to 120 frames per second. Its 980 mAh battery offers one hour of video shooting and up to six hours of standby time, but it is replaceable.

The DJI Osmo allows you to dock your smartphone into the phone holder and combined with the DJI App acts as the viewfinder and allows full control of the cameras operations. While the Osmo offers stabilized video out of the box that the GoPro doesn't, it lacks being waterproof. That means you can't take it in the water, and it's probably not as rugged and tough as a GoPro Hero4 Session, or any GoPro while it's in its protective housing. That, however, shouldn't be a problem for most people who aren't doing backflips into the ocean and just prefer a decent easy-to-hold camera to film on. The DJI Osmo offers that.

The DJI Osmo retails for $649, which makes it about $150 more expensive than the top of the line GoPro Hero4 Black edition. That is a reasonable price to pay to get a fully stabilized 4K camera solution if you aren't looking to take it swimming. If you happen to own a DJI drone already, the Osmo Handle Kit offers the kit minus the camera for $269.

Purchase the new DJI Osmo / $ 649.99