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First embedded Roku TVs coming soon from Hisense and TCL

TVs with Roku built in launching soon
By John Callaham on 19 Aug 2014 10:00 am

People who purchase new smart TVs from Hisense and TCL in the very near future may see that their UI is based on the one developed by Roku for its popular set-top box. Today, Roku announced that televisions made by those two companies will incorporate their Roku TV interface later this fall.

The Hisense Roku TVs will be available in 40-inch, 48-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models and will go on sale some time in late September. Pre-orders for the TCL Roku TVs have started already, via, for 32-inch, 40-inch, 48-inch and 55-inch models. Those televisions will go on sale at other retailers in the coming weeks.

Here's a quick look at what owners of those televisions can expect, via Roku's own blog:

  • A personalized home screen with quick access to entertainment favorites
  • Simple remote control – we removed half the buttons of a traditional TV remote, including the input button
  • Endless entertainment with more than 1,700 streaming channels – that's 200,000 movies and TV episodes plus hundreds of choices for fitness, sports, news, kids, music and much more
  • Roku Search for finding more entertainment across the top 13 streaming channels
  • Integration with mobile devices through the free Roku mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Frequent software updates from Roku so the TV is always fresh with new streaming channels and features
  • An amazing overall value – starting as low as $229 for the 32 inch.

What do you think of Roku entering the smart TV space with this fall launch?

Source: Roku

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First embedded Roku TVs coming soon from Hisense and TCL


Hisense has pretty good TVs I wonder if the new ones will live up to the current quality

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