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Fitbit announces new Charge trackers and Surge fitness 'superwatch'

By Joseph Keller on 27 Oct 2014 09:32 am

Fitbit has announced three new fitness wearables today, the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge. All three devices will track your steps, sleep and more. The Charge is available today, while the Charge HR and Surge will both be available in early 2015.

The Charge and Charge HR sport similar designs to the Fitbit Force. They have all-new, textured bands, and use OLED displays to show you the time of day and your stats. The Charge HR will also track your heart rate throughout the day. The Charge should get up to seven days of battery life, while Fitbit says that the Charge HR should get up to five.

The Fitbit Surge is the real star of the show here. It combines the abilities of the Charge and Charge HR, and adds new functionalities, like you'd find in a smartwatch. The Surge comes with a GPS built in, letting you track where your workouts take you. It also has an LCD touch screen, and the ability to show you call and text alerts, as well as let you control your music. It comes with eight sensors built in, including accelerometers, a gyroscope, and a compass. Fitbit says the Surge can get up to seven days of battery life.

The Fitbit Charge is available today from Fitbit's website and in store for $129. The Charge HR and Surge will be available in early 2015, and cost $149 and $249, respectively. Check out videos covering the Charge and Charge HR below.

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Reader comments

Fitbit announces new Charge trackers and Surge fitness 'superwatch'


Really excited to see the Surge, hoping that they keep them in-store with with Bestbuy and Futureshop so that I can test with my BlackBerry and return if they do not work as expected. Always a pain to return products via mail. Overall these look great, just need to release an official BlackBerry app or make sure the Android app works.

I was hoping the surge would make an October release. If it had I definitely would have gotten it. 2015 opens the door for the basis peak, apple watch and "microsoft watch" to get my money. We will see...

It all depends on the optical sensor used and software averaging. These two factors will decide if the HRR data is useful or merely a gimmick for the average joe. The lack of waterproofing is also a cause for concern.

The reason I returned my wife's FitBit was it did not track cycling or stair climbs. Let's be honest, walking is not really exercise, it is baseline activity so it is important to track the elevation gains and high intensity efforts too. This new watch is the way to go. Woah, not water proof? Sounds like I might be sending another FitBit product back to the store after it get wreaked.

I too hope it is BlackBerry compatible. I try to like my apple devices but I keep going back to BlackBerry.