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Fitbit Charge Unboxing

Fitbit Charge
By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2014 02:44 pm

The new Fitbit Charge has hit the streets and is ready for action. It was announced along with the Charge HR and Surge, both of which will be available for purchase in a few more weeks. The Charge is essentially a revamped Fitbit Force, so anyone that had (or still has) one should be very familiar with the Charge. We'll give it a full review soon after we play with it for a bit — but for now — let's unbox it!

The Charge brings along the standard Fitbit features like step counts, calories burned, steps climbed, and active minutes. It also grabs some data while you're sleeping, so you can scope out your total sleep time, times awakened, and even set a vibrating alarm to wake you up.

You can view all of your stats on the built-in OLED screen right on the device, or you can check things out in the companion app on your smartphone. The Charge even has caller ID so you'll be able to see who is calling you when your device is connected to your phone.

Hit the video and check out our unboxing — and stay tuned for more on the Charge as we put it to the test!

Reader comments

Fitbit Charge Unboxing


Same horrible clasp. I already lost one flex because the clasp is a horrible design. They replaced it for free, so they should have a good idea how easily these clasps are coming apart. Told them that I won't buy any more of their products that doesn't have a redesigned clasp.

It is not the same clasp at all. I am wearing it and you have to tug hard to take it off. So hard that it snaps apart and the snaps are interpreted as a double tap which brings up whichever stat you have it set to for a double tap. In my case I have it to show steps so I don't have to scroll through the screen.

Also the article is incorrect. Fitbit has said the Charge HR and Surge are not expected until the beginning of next year.