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Fitbit rolls out changes to address allergy complaints

After issuing a mass recall for the Fitbit Force earlier this year, the brand is stating that it will issue allergy-related warnings as well as a sizing guide to prevent users from wearing the fitness bands too tightly. The new warnings will first make their way onto the Flex, which will come...

Best Fitness Trackers: Nike Fuelband SE, Garmin vivofit, Jawbone UP24 and Fitbit Flex

We are well into MobileFit month here at Mobile Nations and while we've discussed various methods of using technology to try and improve your fitness — there is one item that seems somewhat recurring — the fitness tracker. These devices provide a relatively low barrier of entry in terms of...
Fitbit One

Everything you need to know about Fitbit

Using technology to try and improve your fitness is becoming more and more common these days. There are a variety of devices available, however one of the lower cost and simpler to use options is a fitness tracker. These trackers are coming from a variety of well known companies such as Jawbone,...