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Fitbit rolls out changes to address allergy complaints

Fitbit Flex
By Harish Jonnalagadda on 18 Oct 2014 02:41 am

After issuing a mass recall for the Fitbit Force earlier this year, the brand is stating that it will issue allergy-related warnings as well as a sizing guide to prevent users from wearing the fitness bands too tightly. The new warnings will first make their way onto the Flex, which will come with a label stating that it contains nickel, a common allergen found in many consumer electronic devices.

An investigation carried out by Consumer Product Safety Commission found that the Flex did not warrant a recall, and that the warnings would suffice. Fitbit also conducted tests of its own, and has found the following:

  • Independent test results have not found any issues with the battery or electrical systems.
  • Test results show that users were likely experiencing allergic contact dermatitis.
  • All the materials used in Force are also commonly used in other consumer products.

In a letter sent to consumers, CEO James Park assured that the findings obtained from the tests were taken into account for the upcoming Charge and Charge HR fitness trackers.

We are now confident that our users who experienced allergic contact dermatitis likely reacted either to very small levels of methacrylates...or, to a lesser degree, nickel in the stainless steel casing.

What do you guys make of Fitbit's statements?

Source: The New york Times, Fitbit

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Reader comments

Fitbit rolls out changes to address allergy complaints


I love the Fitbit Force and have had no issues at all. I am very much looking forward to their next generation devices.. James Park is a stand up dude and I would like to have a beer with him... after I reach my daily goal of course.

My wife and I never had any adverse reaction to the Force (except exhaustion from excessive stair-climbing.) We ended returning them because of battery charging problems. The Flex's are serviceable and we will probably buy one of the Charge or Surge models.

I only wish the app would automatically sync my Withings blood pressure monitor readings.

I returned my Force and purchased a Flex with the refund. I'll be looking at one of the new models as they become available. I miss the fact that I can't track stair climbs.