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Fitbit Surge Unboxing

Fitbit Surge
By Adam Zeis on 8 Dec 2014 10:45 am

The Fitbit Surge is heading out now to select early adopters, bringing the best of what Fitbit has to offer along with a 24/7 heart rate monitor and smartwatch notifications. This isn't your standard Fitbit — the Surge is supercharged and ready to take on whatever activities you can throw at it. Rather than just giving you the standard fare of options like step count, calories burned and floors climbed, the Surge also adds in GPS tracking, multi-sport tracking, sleep tracking, phone notifications, music control and more.

We'll give the Fitbit Surge a good run or two (and maybe some yoga), then report back with a full review and all the details. For now, take a look at our quick unboxing to see what the Surge is all about. It's not yet available worldwide for everyone, but we'll be sure to let you know when you can get your hands on one.

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Fitbit Surge Unboxing


I got mine today and have been wearing it about 6 hours. So far it's been pretty sweet. Text and call notifications have worked well from my Note 3. A message beyond the 160 character SMS standard only showed the end of the whole message. No big deal. The touch screen responds well and it's pretty comfortable to wear. Been several years since I last sported a watch so it'll take some getting back used to.

The heart rate monitoring takes place in real time and seems pretty consistent with what I've been told my resting heart rate. I'm gonna try it while I sleep tonight. I know thanks to a sleep study my heart rate while sleeping with my CPAP machine is around 55 beats a minute.

Using a Fitbit helped me lose almost 60 lbs in 7 months and thanks to the online community I even found myself an awesome lady who lives near me!! So I was more than glad to give them my money.

Adam, a couple factors contribute to my success, but the one that helped the most was after 15 years of drinking at least a liter or two a day of Mountain Dew, I quit in April. Haven't touched one since. I drink water and a Coke Zero maybe once or twice a week at most. The other things that have helped is that I have a job where I walk a lot. Anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 steps a day depending on the tasks required. Also I have been walking more outside of work, though I haven't as much with colder weather coming on. I'm going to say all the empty calories in the large amounts of Mountain Dew that I consumed were the biggest factor though.

Hope I was of some help! Good luck to you!


Wow that's great! I'm trying to cut back on some things, which is proving tough, but we'll see what happens. Thanks again for your comment — very inspiring!

Good to hear! Just take it one day at a time. Small steps and and being aware of what you take in and burn off is the key.

If you or anyone here would like to add me as a Fitbit friend, feel free to at:
I'd really appreciate it and would be glad to give advice to and help anyone better themselves.

Hey this thing looks awesome! I lost about 30lbs using the Flex and always craved better tracking. I use a rowing machine and the Flex could not track my workouts directly (input them manually after). Looking forward to this as it does everything I want and more.

Adam, have you tried it with the Android app on a BlackBerry? I've got a z30, and my only hesitation is whether I will be able to use any of the added functions (music, notifications, etc...). I get that I might have to have the app open. Could you get one of the CrackBerry guys to give it a test on a device with 10.3.1?

Pumped about the device, hoping for some BB love!