Fitbug introduces new fitness plans and updated colors

By Simon Sage on 7 Jan 2014 08:46 pm

Fitbug, a wearable fitness device with a snazzy watchstrap attachment, was showing off new colors and a new premium service at CES 2014. For $19.99, KiK Plans offer tailored 12-week fitness regimens which are tracked via Android or iOS apps. The KiK Plans are centered around themes like losing weight after having a baby, improving your mood, or managing diabetes. These plans work with the tiny Orb device as well as Fitbug's other tracking devices. Fitbug was also showing off the Orb in a handful of new colors, including green, white, and orange. 

Strictly speaking, Fitbug Orb isn't a watch, but it's a perfect companion for folks looking for a dedicated fitness tracker, but can't justify spending a lot on one after shelling out for a nice smartwatch. Fitbug costs a scant $49.99, and is available now.  

That's just another new toy we've found at #CESlive, but there are a whole bunch more. Stick around!

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Fitbug introduces new fitness plans and updated colors